Basement Waterproofing

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Stop Water Damage Fast when You have a Leaking Basement

Get basement waterproofing services in Pittsfield, Westfield or Springfield, MA

Does your basement flood every time it rains? Don't risk the threat of mold or mildew growing in a leaking basement. Commonwealth Foundation Solutions offers basement waterproofing services in Pittsfield, Westfield & Springfield, MA to prevent water damage from ruining your property. Depending on your needs, we use different high-quality epoxy seals to repair concrete leaks, fill in cracks and stop water from getting in.

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Restore your crumbling concrete

As your home settles over time, your foundation can shift and crack. Commonwealth Foundation Solutions uses epoxy sealants that fill the entire crack and seal it from one side to the other. Unlike some concrete overlays that just put a bandage on the problem, these sealants offer a long-term solution for your leaking basement.

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